Fife community action on climate change

Communities in Fife tackling climate change through local action

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unnamedAnstruther Improvements Association
The Anstruther Improvements Association (AIA) is a community organisation that was set up to protect and improve the burgh. More recently the AIA has developed into an organisation that works to bring positive change to the community. We have for instance taken on ownership of Dreel Halls, with a view of turning it into a vibrant community centre. We also run a programme of events and a community cinema.

logo  BRAG Enterprises Limited

BRAG Enterprises Limited, a social enterprise*, was formed in 1988 in response to the decline of the heavy engineering and mining industries of Fife. Its primary aim is the regeneration of the communities through the creation and support of sustainable employment.

To compliment this activity, we provide a wide range of initiatives including business support, retraining and recruitment. The organisation has developed an excellent track record of working with some of the most hard to reach groups in Fife.

The Centre for Stewardship in Falkland

The Centre for Stewardship is located on the outskirts of the beautiful conservation village of Falkland, Fife, Scotland. As well as caring for the A listed House of Falkland with its arts and craft interiors and historic landscape, we are now developing Falkland Estate as a place where people are learning how to live and work more sustainably. Our interests span from the value of re-skilling our communities to the impact of today’s decisions on climate change for future generations.


Clear BuckhavenCLEAR Buckhaven

CLEAR Buckhaven (Community-led Environmental Action for Regeneration) is a local voluntary association open to all residents, formed in 2007 which aims to improve the environment of the town and surrounding areas and to build civic pride and engagement in a neglected locality. We work to improve the townscape and create sustainable initiatives in the adjoining countryside – our work is primarily focused on Buckhaven (pop 5,600) but extends into the neighbouring communities of Levenmouth, especially Methil and East Wemyss.

 Falkland and the Lomonds Transition Community

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The Falkland and the Lomond’s Allotment Hub project, which is based on the idea that everyone should have access to good food. The project aims to develop community-managed allotment provision in the Lomond Hill’s villages catchment area, in partnership with Falkland Estate and Fife Council.

Fife College and Fife College Students’ Association

 Fife College and Fife College Students’ Association (FCSA) are working collaboratively to create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly college, with education for sustainable development embedded in the formal and informal curriculum.  We are looking forward to building strong relationships with community organisations across Fife in order to share information with students, promote positive changes and work towards common objectives.


frae_logo_normal FRAEFife

FRAE Fife was established in 1999 with the aims of empowering and building the capacity of the Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Fife, tackling social exclusion and improving service delivery to these communities. The organisation’s primary purpose is to promote racial harmony across all races and eliminate racial discrimination. FRAE Fife is working to increase self-confidence, knowledge and skills, thus making it easier for communities to exercise their rights as citizens and to get services which take into consideration their language, culture and tradition.

BME Home and Transport Energy Efficiency Challenge Project

Following last year’s highly successful CCF funded Home Energy Use Reduction project, FRAE Fife is continuing its campaign to reduce domestic fuel bills and get more BME households out of Fuel Poverty. We are working with another 100 households to reduce energy and transport costs and to increase awareness of climate change and carbon footprint reduction in the wider community.


GreenerGreener Kirkcaldy Kirkcaldy

Greener Kirkcaldy helps people to be more environmentally friendly and to save cash on their fuel bills. Our advice centre in Kirkcaldy town centre gives free and impartial information and support relevant to you and your home, on energy (saving energy or generating your own), eco-friendly food choices, and greener transport options (from fuel-efficient driving to cycling and walking).

logo-1Newburgh Train Station Group

Newburgh Train Station Group present the community campaign to reopen a station at Newburgh in Fife to reconnect it with the railway that runs through its heart and to vital access north, south, east and west.

Newburgh Train Station Group present the community campaign to reopen a station at Newburgh in Fife to reconnect it with the railway that runs through its heart and to vital access north, south, east and west.The case for this, both socially and economically, is stronger than ever as the railway running through Newburgh carries more and more trains as demand everywhere rises.  Newburgh now does a lot for itself to keep itself going to adapt and survive.  It is the largest town on a railway line in Scotland that has no station since its closure in 1955.  It is surely time to put a station back and let the town be joined up with the network in Scotland so it can be a thriving place again.

North Howe Transition  

The North Howe Transition Toun is a community led group working towards building community resilience in the light of the twin challenges of Fossil Fuel Depletion and Climate Change. We started out in 2007 as a group of like-minded individuals wanting to make a difference.  Since then we have run award-winning projects around energy-use and rural alternatives to car use.

plant PLANT (Tayport Community Trust Gardening Group)

Tayport Community Garden finally went on site in February and we are now into our first produce year. We are funded by CCF and have 3 part-time staff – community gardener, volunteer co-ordinator and blog co-ordinator.

RCC banner3.jpgRosyth Community Council

Rosyth Community Council is a “bridge” between the residents of Rosyth, its surrounding areas and our local authority Fife Council.We can promise you that we will do our utmost to effectively serve Rosyth and the surrounding area. Community Councillors are all unpaid volunteers. Our role is to consult, co-ordinate and represent your views to Fife Council and to the appropriate public authorities and to take such action in the interests of our community as appears to be expedient and practical. Our function also includes the safeguarding and improvement of the amenities and environment in our area, as approved, where appropriate, by Fife Council or any other body who may provide resources to carry out the function.


EATS – Edible and Tasty Spaces Project for


2016 is the centenary of Rosyth being Scotland’s Only Garden City and to celebrate Rosyth Community Council would like to get everyone planting flowers, vegetables, trees, fruit bushes and fruit trees. We want Rosyth to grow, cook and distribute its own food and to truly blossom and we  need volunteers to get involved –  brownies, girl guides, cubs, scouts, schools, gardening groups, community groups and local businesses. We want everyone to plant, weed, water. maintain and to eventually harvest, cook and preserve. to find out more! 


St Andrews Env NetworkSt Andrews Environmental Network

St Andrews Environmental Network was originally set up by the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council to delivery energy efficiency advice within the town of St Andrews. Over the years we have been involved in a number of project and expanded our area of operation. Our main project currently is an energy efficiency advice project within the KY16 *** postcode area offering free and impartial advice to all, although we are also involved in a number of smaller project including growing projects in St Andrews.

crosslogo   St Andrews Rail Link Campaign

St Andrews was connected to the rail system from 1852 until 1969, when it fell a victim to British Rail’s indiscriminate cull of branch lines. The StARLink campaign was launched in 1989 with a view to reconnecting the town to the rail system in the interests of convenience for travellers, the alleviation of traffic congestion and reduction of car-generated pollution. Since that time it has steadily built up support both in and outwith St Andrews, lobbied politicians at all levels and raised money for campaigning.

The St Andrews Railway was closed in 1969 as part of an indiscriminate cull of branch lines enacted on an unsound basis by the then UK Minister for Transport and British Rail (not as part of the “Beeching” cuts). A consequence of this is a medieval town now congested, over-parked and unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists – something in the order of 14,000 vehicles per day traverse the A91 corridor from Guardbridge and as no traffic counter data is available for the town’s six other roads (two “A” roads, one “B” road and three “C” roads) the overall vehicular total is much higher. Consistent with established data on remoding between rail and bus, the replacement bus service from Leuchars to St Andrews does not have a high uptake rate and there are other manifold other issues with transportation to/from the town: in order to decongest, depollute and decarbonise, St Andrews must be future-proofed via the reinstatement of a direct rail link to the East Coast Main Line:

Sustainable CuparSustainable Cupar

Is a local community group that was set up in 2009 to help Cupar become a thriving, environmentally friendly town. The group aims to raise awareness of green issues and to promote and support changes to more sustainable lifestyles. Sustainable Cupar is open to anyone with an interest in the future of our historic market town. We have a number of sub-groups that concentrate on particular areas:/- Natural Environment, including the FAB sub-group / – Town development /- Energy/ – Book club / These sub-groups have separate meetings and events that concentrate on their particular interest.

Tayport Community TrustTayport Community Development

TCT is a community development trust active in the redevelopment of a brownfield site and community gardening.

Transition St Andrews UniversityTransition St Andrews

Transition UStA is a grass roots organisation working across the St Andrews University and wider community on carbon reduction and community development projects.  Projects range from developing a local trading system, food growing initiatives, running Carbon Conversation groups and work on food waste, all funded by CCF. We partner with St Andrews Environmental Network to promote energy saving in the home. ”