We are a network of community groups in Fife that are taking action on Climate Change. By working through this network we intend to share information, resources and knowledge whilst tackling the barriers to low carbon living in Fife. We will act as a channel of communication with Fife Council and the wider Scottish Communities Climate Action Network to whom we are affiliated.

Our Aim

Our aim is to empower and enable communities to create a low carbon future, and promote local resilience and well-being. We will seek to do this by:

  1. Providing a network for mutual support
  2. Promoting a shared vision and voice
  3. Creating opportunities for partnership working and work to tackle the barriers and challenges that community groups taking action on climate change face
  4. Raising awareness and promoting practical community-led action to make Fife communities more sustainable
  5. Acting as a representative structure for in members in working with other organisations such as Fife Community Planning Partnership etc.
  6. Sharing learning across its network and helping to educate groups and individuals on climate change


Fife Communities Climate Action Network newsletter

You can sign up by contacting Julian Holbrook at facilitator.fccan@gmail.com.  Please send your name, name of group or organisation, if relevant.e newsletter will focus on what is going on in Fife.

We would be delighted if you want to send us news, notes of events, information, photographs, links etc. Deadlines for material to be included (please send to facilitator.fccan@gmail.com) in our newsletter:

May 23rd,   June 19th,   July 17th,   August 21st,   September 18th.

Links to the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network

Fife Communities CAN is affiliated to the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network .  By being involved with Fife Communities AN, community groups in Fife can also be a part of a greater range action by communities tackling climate change across Scotland.  Our logo is directly based on the SCCAN logo, with their endorsement, to reflect the mutual community to community support towards common aims.  Do visit their website and pass link onto others.

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network is a grassroots network of community groups that are taking action on climate change. As a ‘community of communities’ we provide a shared vision and voice for our members and work to address barriers and challenges so as to enable communities to shape their own low-carbon future and promote local resilience and wellbeing.   


Peer to Peer Learning and Networking – Climate Challenge Funded communities

There are also other regional peer to peer networks of community groups tackling climate change right across Scotland. To find out more about what other networks are doing:




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