Fife’s climate action plan – have your say

Fife Council is seeking your feedback!  The  Council has published its draft Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) and wants to hear what you think.

They are consulting on the draft ‘Climate Fife’ plan until 9 December 2019.  Feedback will be used to update the plan for publication in February 2020.

You can take part online at The SECAP document is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report which you can comment on too.

SECAP diagram

Image: Fife Council

We encourage all Fife folk who are concerned about climate change to read the draft climate plan and share their feedback with the Council. The draft climate plan sets the direction of Council policy and action for the next ten years so it needs to reflect the urgency of the situation we face.

We also suggest going a step further – write to, message, or even better, speak to your local Councillors too. You can find their contact details on

Tell them how important climate change is to you, your community and future generations. Councillors are elected to represent us – their constituents – and they are more likely to support strong action on climate change if they know how important this is to us.

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