Major Fife Climate Change / Carbon Event – are you going?


Harvesting Fifes Potential promo

Please share with your networks/contacts and via social media.  It would be great to see a strong community presence at this event.

The first Fife Environment Partnership Conference and Fair on the 20th September brings together community groups, social enterprises, business, public bodies, Councillors, Fife Council staff and FEP members who will be showcasing their Carbon Reduction projects.   The Partnership is looking to encourage partnership projects, share information and enable funding to reduce carbon emissions.

This free all day event is at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline. Any community group involved in projects to reduce carbon can have a stall at the fair, to promote and showcase their project, and attend the conference.

There are only 200 invites so to ensure yours please contact or call her on 07813112780  or click on the link below .

Event Link


Stalls –  There are spaces for Fife Communities Climate Action Network members to have a stall, but you will need to reserve these via Carolyn Bell (see above).   There will be a Fife Communities CAN stand there too, so if you cannot make it, please contact Ali Macleod (network member) on if you wish us to display any info or leaflets etc on our table.

Reasons FEP Fair may be useful for community groups

Excellent opportunity to find out how communities can raise funds to buy community assets ( land, buildings and energy systems )

  • what finance models other communities have used
  • options for shared ownership models
  • information on community shares where finance benefits are kept within community.
  • What grants and loans are available

Excellent opportunity to talk to funding companies

Excellent opportunity to find out what other communities across Fife are doing.

Excellent networking opportunity to meet council departments and staff who are planning the following types of projects for next 10 years.

  • Sustainable transport projects  re walking, cycling, electric vehicle points and hydrogen refuelling  travel hubs
  • Renewable energyand district heating sites
  • Potential areas for biomass fuels and solar farms
  • Energy master plans for communities across Fife
  • Projects planned to reduce fuel and food poverty
  • Sustainable Social housing projects
  • Potential future funding for developments across Fife
  • To find out about the future energy and carbon reduction  strategies and vision for Fife

Excellent opportunity to talk with technology companies who can deliver low carbon heat. They will be giving presentations with case studies on heat from:

  • solar,
  • biomass,
  • sea water,
  • waste ,
  • geothermal,
  • waste water
  • and heat storage.

Fun opportunities to have

  • a low carbon lunch prepared by a master chef professional winner with ingredients from within 50 miles radius,
  • be entertained by a low carbon fashion show,
  • be a top gear eco driver
  • See world’s first hydrogen waste trucks  and  green racing car built by young people in Fife
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