FCCAN seeks solution to barriers to Car Clubs in Fife

OK for Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. But not anywhere in Fife. Can we change the policy barrier ?

FCCAN is a regular member of Fife Environment Partnership and serves to represent our member organisations – and in conjunction with Fife Voluntary Action who are also present, we help to represent the Third Sector on this important forum for climate change.

A  current issue arose from our June Networking Meeting, and we brought it to the Sept 2017 FEP meeting.  It is a policy barrier in Fife to operating car clubs and bike sharing.  These relate to using Fife Council car parks and on-street parking for dedicated parking places.  So for example, an eCar Club needs a dedicated space for the car when not is use.  A BikeShare needs a bike box for people to be able to pick up a bike from.  However Fife Council have a policy for car parks that prevents commercial activity even if it is not-for-profit and even if it is helping Fife fulfil its wider sustainability agenda.  A further policy prevents dedicated reservation of spaces in on-street parking – so the image above can be found in cities across Britain – but not in Fife.

We think this is a barrier to implementing a more sustainable transport system in Fife.  At the FEP meeting, we had a really useful discussion about this and were offered advice by Councillors and others present.  We will be taking that forward now with member organisations to try and modernise the relevant policies.

We’ll keep you posted on developments.

Just to note our role in Fife Environment Partnership and what its about is more fully described in a previous post on this blog in March 2017.  FCCAN Steering Group member Crispin Hayes currently represents us on the Partnership.

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What’s happening in FCCAN in 2017

Feeding back to ourselves

We’re holding four networking events in Fife during 2017-18.   FCCAN steering group member Crispin Hayes recently gave a presentation about this to the Fife Environment Partnership meeting.  Here’s his presentation including some great pictures from our visit to PLANT at Tayport.

FCCAN Network Update vSep17 comp.pdf

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Mid Scotland & Fife Rail Forum launched

StARLink was delighted to participate in the first Mid Scotland & Fife Rail Forum at which we were joined by representatives from the Levenmouth Rail Campaign and Newburgh Train Station Campaign, along with campaigners for the Alloa-Dunfermline freight line upgrade.

The morning included an excellent presentation by David Prescott of Allan Rail Solutions; David is a rail industry expert with extensive knowledge of the field and learning from him as to where the various Fife Rail projects sit within the Scottish context of rail infrastructure development was of immense practical value – and generally presented an encouraging scenario for each campaign.

We discussed the transport appraisal (STAG) process – its strengths and weaknesses, the issues with which groups have been faced when trying to initiate it or progress beyond it to implementation and whether there exists an opportunity to amend or replace the STAG via the upcoming National Transport Strategy review.

The third topic of our focus group was that of engagement with other stakeholders, i.e., how the campaigning groups have to date worked with key stakeholders (including Transport Scotland, Fife Council and Network Rail), how this work could be improved and how each might better communicate and work with these agencies.

The Forum concluded by discussing “next steps” – the actions each group might take forward and how we envisage the agenda of a subsequent Fife rail forum.

Following on from the formal agenda we discussed how the various Fife campaigns dovetail as part of an overall Fife rail infrastructure improvement agenda, the benefits each can bring to the other and the possibility of a strategic implementation project incorporating all Fife rail proposals.

StARLink is indebted to Mark Ruskell MSP – Scottish Greens and his constituency team for organising and facilitating this excellent workshop.

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FCCAN joins the Fife Environment Partnership


FCCAN is representing our member organisations on the Fife Environment Partnership, a policy level body whose focus is on climate change outcomes.

The Fife Environmental Partnership (FEP) has responsibility for delivery of the climate change mitigation and adaptation outcomes of the community plan, and also has the remit of setting “the strategic direction to protect and enhance Fife’s environment in a sustainable manner to pass onto future generations.”


Members of the Fife Communities CAN attend the Fife Environmental Partnership’s big climate fair in September 2016 to raise the voice of communities and what we can contribute towards a low carbon Fife


Membership includes Fife Council, NHS Fife, SEPA, Scottish Natural Heritage, Fife College, University of St. Andrews, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, Fife Voluntary Action, and FCCAN

Crispin Hayes (Sustainable Cupar) has agreed to follow on from Suzy Goodsir (Greener Kirkcaldy) as representative of FCCAN.

What Fife Environment Partnership about?

Brings together public sector and third sector organisations to work at a strategy level on climate change in Fife. It is measures its progress against 6 key outcomes:

  • CC1 – More efficient use of resources (energy, waste and water)
  • CC2 – More energy is from low carbon supplies.
  • CC3 – Encourage more sustainable transport and travel including reducing the need to travel.
  • CC4 – Ecosystems are used sustainably and strengthened
  • CC5 – Places are adapting to cope with Climate Change (including land use, coastlines, buildings and infrastructure)
  • CC6 – People are adapting to cope with Climate Change.

FEP’s main strategy document is the “Climate Change Strategy 2014 – 2020”. It identifies key areas that we need to address to meet the challenges and take advantage of opportunities associated with climate change, and sets out six outcomes that we will work towards over the next six years.

Read Fife’s Climate Change Strategy 2014 – 2020:


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Our next network meeting – 23rd November, St Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1ET, 

The theme is active travel/sustainable transport in Fife:  how are network members engaged in these areas around behaviour change, infrastructure, investment, developing joint projects? How can we link the range of activity to feed into the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan for Fife that is underway?

Lunch will be available between 1-2pm allowing networking and registration time. The Meeting will start at 2pm, finishing at 4.30pm.

It would be great if you could come to our next network meeting

Register here

At our networking event on the 31/5/16 we heard about the Fife wide Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan being prepared by the Fife Environment Partnership.  Find out more.  Our network will be participating in the plan consultation process and this event will help us develop some strategic opportunities and messages.  At the last networking meeting on 22/8/16, we agreed to hold an event that focused on what the network is doing around travel and transport.

So this next meeting is a chance for the network to collate ideas, activities, aspirations and see how we can present a collective community voice.

The meeting will be informal.  The network is trying to look ahead and see what could be achieved in Fife (eg a vision, possible projects) and how to play an effective part in the Action plan. What might be possible in Fife both strategically and practically from infrastructure development to behaviour change.

There will be a few speakers including Fife Council, Sestrans and some of our members followed by table discussions and reporting.


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Major Fife Climate Change / Carbon Event – are you going?


Harvesting Fifes Potential promo

Please share with your networks/contacts and via social media.  It would be great to see a strong community presence at this event.

The first Fife Environment Partnership Conference and Fair on the 20th September brings together community groups, social enterprises, business, public bodies, Councillors, Fife Council staff and FEP members who will be showcasing their Carbon Reduction projects.   The Partnership is looking to encourage partnership projects, share information and enable funding to reduce carbon emissions.

This free all day event is at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline. Any community group involved in projects to reduce carbon can have a stall at the fair, to promote and showcase their project, and attend the conference.

There are only 200 invites so to ensure yours please contact Carolynm.bell@refsol.co.uk or call her on 07813112780  or click on the link below .

Event Link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fife-environmental-partnership-fep-conference-and-fair-tickets-27024954366?aff=ehomecard


Stalls –  There are spaces for Fife Communities Climate Action Network members to have a stall, but you will need to reserve these via Carolyn Bell (see above).   There will be a Fife Communities CAN stand there too, so if you cannot make it, please contact Ali Macleod (network member) on am296@st-andrews.ac.uk if you wish us to display any info or leaflets etc on our table.

Reasons FEP Fair may be useful for community groups

Excellent opportunity to find out how communities can raise funds to buy community assets ( land, buildings and energy systems )

  • what finance models other communities have used
  • options for shared ownership models
  • information on community shares where finance benefits are kept within community.
  • What grants and loans are available

Excellent opportunity to talk to funding companies

Excellent opportunity to find out what other communities across Fife are doing.

Excellent networking opportunity to meet council departments and staff who are planning the following types of projects for next 10 years.

  • Sustainable transport projects  re walking, cycling, electric vehicle points and hydrogen refuelling  travel hubs
  • Renewable energyand district heating sites
  • Potential areas for biomass fuels and solar farms
  • Energy master plans for communities across Fife
  • Projects planned to reduce fuel and food poverty
  • Sustainable Social housing projects
  • Potential future funding for developments across Fife
  • To find out about the future energy and carbon reduction  strategies and vision for Fife

Excellent opportunity to talk with technology companies who can deliver low carbon heat. They will be giving presentations with case studies on heat from:

  • solar,
  • biomass,
  • sea water,
  • waste ,
  • geothermal,
  • waste water
  • and heat storage.

Fun opportunities to have

  • a low carbon lunch prepared by a master chef professional winner with ingredients from within 50 miles radius,
  • be entertained by a low carbon fashion show,
  • be a top gear eco driver
  • See world’s first hydrogen waste trucks  and  green racing car built by young people in Fife
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Next networking event – 22nd August, 5-8pm, Methil

Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative has kindly agreed to host the next networking event of the Fife Communities Climate Action Network.   This is an opportunity for us to discuss how young people can engage in tackling climate change.  We will meet on site so that we can see and learn about the range of activities that the initiative is undertaking focused on young people.

Afterwards, we will discuss other issues, including opportunities for the network to input into the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan for Fife that is about to be prepared by the Fife Environment Partnership. They have asked our network to contribute.  Given this action plan will focus work in Fife on climate change for the next few decades, we need to discuss how the network will develop over the next few years – what kind of impact and outcomes are we looking to achieve to ensure community action is realised, integrated and supported.

This is also a good time to discuss the development by network members of joint working and projects.

There will be refreshments and a light buffet. The outline agenda for the event is:

5-6pm – Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative

6-6.45pm – Light buffet and networking

6.45-8pm – Discussions as mentioned above.

To register, please sign up here

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